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As Coronado Luxury real estate experts we have been selling the luxurious beach front condos at the Coronado Shores since they were built in 1970s and we still maintain the largest client database on the island which will benefit you in many ways. I am here to serve YOU whether you want to buy a beach front condo or a house in the village or the Coronado Cays. I will provide you with the best local advice and can also referred you to the many professionals collaborating on my team, from local real estate attorneys to business advisors. I am well aware that each client is different and I will adapt to your needs moving as fast or as slow as you need me to. Each transaction is treated with the utmost confidentially from beginning to end. 

Are you trying to buy a property from afar? No problem. I will be your boots on the ground. I will conduct onsite video conference calls for you and facilitate the execution of all contracts via e-mail with encrypted software protecting your information. Do you need to set up an LLC or a trust for your purchase? No problem. I will put you in contact with a local attorney that will guide you every step of the way. 

Are you more comfortable in Spanish? Sin problema. Tanto yo como los profesionales que trabajan conmigo podemos ofrecerles el mejor servicio en su idioma. Todos hablamos Español. 

Do you still have doubts about hiring me? Please set up an appointment and interview me in person. This is a business transaction and like such I expect to be interviewed. Call Coronado Shores Co. 800-677-5124 to schedule an appointment or text me directly at 619-453-4513. 

I answer my phone nights and weekends, but if you reach my voice mail I will return your phone call in less than an hour or dinner is on me!

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