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Do I Have to Pay the Supplemental Tax Bill?


Did you buy a house last year? Then you are going to receive a supplemental tax bill that is not mailed to you mortgage company, and YES, you have to pay it. Sorry!

It's separate from and IN ADDITION TO the regular tax bill. The San Diego County Treasurer Tax Collector will send you a supplemental bill when a property ownership changes or new construction is completed. All property tax bills remain a lien on the real estate until paid. If the change in ownership occurs or new construction is completed after January 1st but before May 31st, there will be two supplemental confuse us even more.

The first supplemental bill is for the tax year in you purchased the proeprty or completed new construction. The second supplemental bill is for the following tax year. Fiscal year begins July 1st and ends June 30th.

This bill is not sent to your lender. It's sent directly to you, even though you may have impounds. You can contact your lender and make arrangements for payment but it will not be automatic.

If you don't pay them on the due date you will incur a 10% penalty per installment. You can check your property tax bill on the county's website. The easiest way to look it up it's with your Assessor parcel Number (APN) Feel free to call me and I can find it for you.

For any questions regarding this or other real estate topic, don't hesitate to contact me.

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